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   Best Selling Author, Speaker & RECOVERY Pastor
Craig Brown
Craig Brown is a highly sought after speaker in the business and professional circles for churches, corporations, workshops, seminars, retreats, and non-profit organizations. Craig offers valuable content from his course and book STOP HIDING START HEALING and from his own life experience that will motivate and inspire! 
"One of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard. Have you heard the expression "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"? This man really cares and shares his knowledge with great empathy and passion" Darcy Seigneur
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Discover how to Live a Life Of
Freedom, Meaning & PURPOSE
Discover how to be set free from the pain and shame of your past, so that you can live a life of freedom, meaning and purpose.

Craig Brown, overcame a life of pain, shame and destruction and experienced a major life breakthrough that transformed his entire life.

In His New Book, Stop Hiding Start Healing, Brown Shares His 20+ years of Experience In Christ-centered Recovery Helping Others Discover How To Be Set Free From The Pain and Shame of Their Past, So That They Can Live a Life of Freedom, Meaning and Purpose. 
"Your book STOP HIDING START HEALING has made a monumental impact on my life and I haven't even finished. I have read so many books and never related anywhere close to the level I do with this"
Kimberly Martin
"The Possibilities are Endless When You Move To The Other Side Of Fear."
Craig Brown 
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I’m sure you encounter people in your congregation who struggle with various addictions. Our nation is undergoing an unprecedented crisis with opioids, along with dependence on and abuse of many other substances. The recent Covid pandemic certainly exacerbated the problem for many.

While many treatment programs are available to help people, these resources often do not include the power of the Gospel as a key to breakthrough and freedom.

Sadly, some believers may regularly attend church and are themselves battling such challenges. There is a need for wise, empathetic voices to help people overcome these debilitating issues.

Craig Brown is such a voice. For 26 years, Craig has overseen the recovery ministry here at Church of the Redeemer. Hundreds of people over these years have benefited from his input and assistance.

Craig is the author of “Stop Hiding Start Healing: Discover How To Be Set Free From The Pain And Shame of Your Past, So That You Can Live A Life of Freedom, Meaning and Purpose.” In this book, he tells his story of finding freedom and the principles he learned over two decades of recovery ministry.

If you are planning a conference, retreat, or special weekend of services addressing the issues of addiction, recovery, and freedom, I would highly recommend Craig. He articulates this message effectively and with great empathy and compassion.

Dale A. O’Shields
Senior Pastor
Church of the Redeemer
Gaithersburg, MD

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Speaking Topics Include:

We all face different life challenges that have a direct affect on our careers, professional life, relationships, identity, mission and purpose.

In order to be successful, your business, association or ministry must rely on the efforts of your employees as they themselves deal with their emotional and mental well being. Helping them overcome adversity is a key to theirs and your success.

Whether you’re looking for an in person or virtual, Craig offers motivation and inspiration by sharing practical life principles from his book STOP HIDING START HEALING.

Craig went from working at a business in Washington DC owned by one of the biggest cocaine dealers on the east coast to a successful career in business and ministry. He was sucked up into the drug world and nearly lost his life to drug and alcohol abuse. Craig had to sell his car to pay his mortgage. His life was full of pain, shame guilt and failure. He was empty and had no mission or purpose. 

Craig worked extremely hard at overcoming adversity by applying determination, perseverance, and an unwavering will to be set free from many life struggles and hardships.

Craig went from nothing to owning multiple investment properties and has been director of a Christ-centered recovery ministry for over two decades. He shares many principles he has learned from his own personal experience and also from over two decades of serving others. 

Your attendees will depart differently from when they arrived. 


Post COVID, people are waking up to the fact that our mental wellbeing directly impacts our physical, emotional and mental health and our productivity at work. Your staff members may be struggling; in secret.

The anxiety and trauma are overwhelming at times even for those of us who don’t face ongoing mental health concerns; for those of us who do, it can be completely debilitating. Isolation has wreaked havoc on even the most stable of individuals. Your staff members may be struggling. 

We’re all trying to figure out what to do with the fear, uncertainty, and ambiguity of life as we know it right now. For some, it’s a matter of trying to stay safe and navigate threatening people or emotions. This has a direct impact on your company, ministry or association. 

Craig has served hundreds who have been directly impacted by isolation, change in work habits, strained relationships and dealing with illness. He shares from personal experience the impact addiction had on his life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and post COVID, how he has helped hundreds navigate the life struggles and challenges. 

He shares many helpful principles in helping attendees deal with THE SECRET STRUGGLE from his book STOP HIDING START HEALING. 


PAIN IS AMAZING. We are conditioned to hide it. When processed in a healthy way, it can be a catalyst for healthy choices and change
or prolonged suffering. It’s our choice. When we experienced pain at a very young age, we developed coping skills in order to deal with the
pain and various other emotions such as shame, guilt, hurt, disappointment, embarrassment, abandonment and abuse. 

These coping skills worked at helping us escape, hide, and not have to deal
with these horrible feelings and emotions. If not acknowledged and dealt with we carried them over into our adult life. Our first
inclination was to stuff the pain and not deal with it. 

Your staff deals with pain everyday. If not handled in a healthy way, they will do whatever necessary to hide it. Hidden pain has a direct impact on productivity.

Only when the pain is greater than our fear of changing are we ready to do whatever
it takes to begin the healing process. I’m convinced from personal
experience that pain and desperation are a catalyst for success.

Craig experienced pain, depression, hurt and shame at a very deep level. Only when his pain was greater than his fear of changing was he able to harness the strength and energy necessary to be set free. 

Your staff, ministry team or organization will discover how to identify their pain and overcome their fear of changing. 


We learned at a very young age how to hide from pain, shame, guilt, abuse, hurt, betrayal and abandonment. Most of us learned to
protect ourselves with defense mechanisms and personality traits that ensure our safety. Hiding became a learned practice and it worked. It helped us cope with our emotions and feelings. It helped keep us

The only way we were going to survive our youth, teenage years, young adult and adult life was to hide from our pain, shame, guilt
and life struggles; and people. 

There are many reasons why we hide. Hiding out of fear and our own insecurities are at the top of the list. We fear revealing our true
self to others. 

Your attendees will discover how to come out of hiding and embrace their pain, shame, guilt or past failures. They will discover how to accept who they are and put away the mask. 

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Your Struggle Is Not Your Identity

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